IMF Hope ward golf tournament

Golf Tournament Emailer 2We will be having a Fundraising Golf Tournament scheduled to take place on Friday 10th March. All proceeds from the tournament will go towards complex lifesaving surgery and ICU management of newborns with defects. So far, we have managed to give free surgery to 3 newborns with life-threatening conditions, all have been referred from Mulago, all are alive and healthy toddlers now. This year alone, we would like to do at least 5 cases, each case tends to require an average of Ugx10m. from the tournament, we aim to raise Ugx 40m and would be grateful for your support.

We will have a complete list of sponsor benefits soon but tentatively we are looking at the following;

Course branding - extent will be determined by the level of support / sponsorship
Media mentions and interactions
Networking opportunity, we plan to have 30 teams each comprising 4 players so you would have the opportunity to interact with at least 120 individuals
If you felt it would be beneficial, you would be able to set up a marketing booth / stall depending on the level of sponsorship
Team branding – your team can play wearing your company branded attire
Speaking opportunity during the prize giving – depending on the level of sponsorship

For more information on Hope Ward and how you can support, please contact:

Brenda Naluyima, Senior Manager Marketing & Communications International Medical Group & Board Member IMF email:

Tel:+256 (0) 312 200 400 ext 379 / +256 (0) 774 499 511

Freid Sembatya, Marketing & Communications Officer International Medical Group

Tel: +256 (0312 200 400 ext 381) / +256 (0) 774 174 532

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